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Is LMU Area Homes affiliated with LMU in LA ?

No. LMU Area Homes is owned by a private homeowner that offers housing to LMU students. 

What is the minimum lease period ?

One year. 

What if I have a group of roommates now, but I don't know who would replace me when I study abroad?

You can find the new roommate at a later time, but the remaining roommates and lessor must approve the replacement. 

Does LMU Area Homes provide cleaning services ?

Yes. LMU Area Homes will have someone clean 2 times monthly (kitchens, bathrooms, windows, floors, dusting).

Will the students miss the LMU on campus college experience ?

Students can enjoy the on-campus Burns gymnasium, Corner Pocket Game Room, Loft Sports Lounge, LMU Library, Bird’s Nest, LMU Baseball game; and then, stroll back to a quiet home and a good night sleep. 

How much does it cost to apply ?

There is no charge to visit the home or submit references. If a group is interested in leasing an LMU Area Homes residence, then they should provide references for their group, then they will be invited to visit our homes. 

Who signs the lease agreement ?

The lease agreement is signed by the owner and a parent for each LMU student. 

Will LMU Area Homes run a credit check on the parent?

Yes. LMU Area Homes is certified with credit processing requirements.

Will LMU Area Homes request a credit application before the student references are completed ?

No. Credit applications are submitted after the student references were acceptable and the group is an excellent candidate for the home. (See the application page)

Is my LMU Area Homes credit report private ?

Absolutely. LMU Area Homes will run a report for one parent from each student. Credit results are not shared with other families in the group. (See the application page) 

Who pays for the gardener?

The owner pays for a gardener to maintain the landscaping and automatic sprinklers.  

Will the security deposit be refunded at the end of the lease?

Yes. Provided the house is returned with normal wear and tear and the tenant abides by all lease terms. 

Do you check references ?

Yes, we check a couple of references for each student. A former employer, high school teacher, Loyola Marymount University professor, prior landlord, LMU or High School Coach, long time family friend or Loyola Housing Advisor make great personal referecnes. (See the application page) 

How will my son or daughter get to and from the LMU campus without a car ?

The homes are walking or biking distance from the LMU campus and the nearby Lion Express Shuttle stop can take them to popular places in the area. 

Who pays for the High Speed Internet and Cable TV Service?

LMU Area Homes provides full High Speed Internet & Cable TV Services, plus complimentary 400,000 Spectrum WIFI Hotspots Nationwide to all LMU Area Homes students. 

Does LMU support students residing off campus ?

LMU has an excellent public safety and community relations office that can provide emergency transportation and to help students settle into the neighborhood.

Does LMU in LA or LMU Admissions Office endorse LMU Area Homes ?

NO. I am a private homeowner that offers housing to LMU Students.

Do you allow pets ?


What can students do during the LMU winter and spring breaks ?

Stay and enjoy the summer So Cal weather, start an internship with corporations in your field of study or return home and come back to a comfortable “second home.” 

What happens after we sign the lease ?

An LMU Area Homes Folder is mailed to each LMU Family with a copy of the final Lease Agreement, a summary on good Westchester neighbor manors, instructions on what to do during an emergency and how to handle repair & maintenance. 

When do I get my keys ?

A set of keys will be provided to each LMU roommate on the first day of the lease. 

Can I change lease terms prior to the lease term date ?

No. All lease terms must be part of the original lease agreement. 

After the lease period ends can we renew another year lease with different roommates ?


What are the advantages to living off campus ?

  1. A home offers a full kitchen — cut down on LMU OneCard spending.
  2. Quality study time in a lushly landscaped yard or quiet bedroom — avoid noisy adjacent Loyola Housing dorms or apartments.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of your own laundry room.
  4. Park in the driveway — avoid circling LMU parking lots to park.
  5. Pull your car up to your doorstep when moving in and carrying groceries — avoid housing stair cases.
  6. Store your bicycle, surf boards, and sports activity equipment in the garage.
  7. Avoid the LMU Housing Selection process

I'm thinking about studying abroad. Why sign a one year lease ?

The one year lease can offer the group an option to replace 1 or 2 students during the year for study abroad. A special lease term must be included in the original lease agreement. 

What services does LMU Area Homes offer ?

LMU Area Homes provides complimentary WIFI, Spectrum Cable TV Service and 400,000 Spectrum WIFI Hotspots Nationwide.   We provide a complimentary gardener weekly and 2 house cleanings per month.

I only need a home for 10 months, why should I lease for 1 year?

  1. It may cost less to lease a home for 1 year, than LMU on campus housing for 10 months.
  2. Two extra months will give you time to establish corporate internships in your professional area of interest.
  3. Two extra months will give you time to move in at your own pace and get settled in before the Loyola Marymount University semester starts.
  4. Two extra months lends LMU students time to work in the area.
  5. Attend summer school at Loyola Marymount University to graduate early or to lighten your load during the normal LMU semester.

Is the neighborhood safe ?

The Loyola Marymount University campus in Los Angeles has ocean view bluffs to the north and it’s surrounded by hundreds of Westchester single family residences. The LMU area is a very family orientated and safe middle income community.

When can I apply to lease the home ?

You can apply as early as 6 months prior to the available date of the home.

How can my parents sign the lease if they live far away ?

The lease agreement can be signed and emailed.

What if an LMU parent in the group has poor credit ?

Typically, a group of 5-6 LMU student families have sufficient credit as a group. Credit results are not shared with other families in the group.

Does the home have appliances ?

Yes. The home includes a: clothes washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher.

Who pays for appliance repairs ?

The owner.

How much is the security deposit ?

It’s 2 times the monthly rent and after signing the lease you can pay the security deposit in 2-3 installments.

When does the lease start?

Late May or Early June. 

Why do you check references ?

The home is set in a nice residential neighborhood and we want to make sure all of the Loyola Marymount University students in the group are responsible and will be good Westchester neighbors.

How will my son or daughter get around town in they live off campus ?

LMU offers students a wonderful Lion Express Shuttle service that take students to enjoy off-campus activities, restaurants, shops, & services in the local area. There is a Lion Express Shuttle stop a few blocks away.

Can family guests stay at the home when visiting students ?

Yes. Family is welcome to stay one week. 

Who pays for utilities ?

The tenant. 

My son or daughter is a freshman at LMU in LA. Are they too young to obtain off campus housing ?

Loyola students are exceptional young men and women. If the references for each student in their group are positive, then they are excellent candidates.

When can I renew a second year lease ?

January 1st of each year. 

What if I need furniture ?

LMU students currently in the home often opt to sell their furniture when moving out.

Is the LMU Housing Office in any way approving LMU Area Homes as an off campus alternative to LMU Housing ?

No. I am a private homeowner that rents homes to Loyola students in Los Angeles

Are students off campus good neighbors ?

We have leased homes to LMU students for over 20 years and found that Loyola Marymount University students in Los Angeles are excellent neighbors who have established very positive and long standing relationships with Westchester neighbors in the LMU community.

Are current students automatically granted another lease period ?

We accept new applications and base renewal on the Loyola Marymount University student’s excellent tenancy

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